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voila une petite interview de ben réalisée par Irish young guns, que vous pouvez trouver sur leur blog

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Citation :
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Your Questions answered by Ben from Young Guns
Hi lads I asked your fans on twitter what they wanted to ask you. So here are their questions. Thank you for talking the time to answer them and for coming to Ireland on your tour. X Irish Young Guns Aka Katie

1. So how excited are you to be doing headline shows in Ireland?
Asked by @IrishYoungGuns
We can’t wait. We’ve only been to Ireland a couple of times and they have been some of the best shows we’ve played to date. It’s amazing the reaction we got playing there, especially as we had never been to Ireland. We’ve always said we’d love to play our own headline shows out there and finally we can! Also I’m half Irish so it’s extra special for me.

2. If you could tour with any one band, who would it be and why? Smile
Asked by @ _hellokaty
That’s a hard question, we get asked this a lot and can never decide on a band. Personally the thrill of playing with bands such as Foo Fighters, Greenday etc would be incredible. You can’t say no to stadium shows. But also I would love to tour with slightly smaller bands we love such as ‘Thrice’ and ‘Sick of it All.’ Although I don’t know how well we’d go down….

3. What were your favourite subjects at school?
Asked by @younggunsNZ
Music! I spend most of my school years thinking about music, listening to music and playing music. I really enjoyed Sports and Drama. I actually didn’t mind maths either. I hated French!

4. If you guys were not in a band, what would you be working as?
Asked by @DianeLovesYouxD
Good question! Probably nothing! We’ve put everything into this band and if (god forbid) we broke up I think we’d all be a little screwed. Personally I probably would have gone into my father’s business, who owns a suit shop. But I’d hate it. That question scares me! Ha!

5. Francesqa is an awesome band. Please tell everyone why they should come to the shows early to catch their set. Thank you.
Asked by @IrishYoungGuns
We love these boys. They are one of the best up and coming bands in the U.K at the moment and they are going to do so well. They’re good friends of ours and we’re honoured to have them playing these shows with us. They’ll blow you away I promise. So much so you might want to leave before we play… Please don’t tho!

6. Do you do meet and greets after their concerts? Smile
Asked by @DianeLovesYouxD
We always take the time to meet our fans. We feel if they can take the time to come see one of our shows the least we can do is take the time to meet them. We really enjoy speaking to everyone after shows, it’s great to meet new friends wherever we go. So we will be around and can’t wait to meet you all!

7. What is your favourite song to play live?
Asked by @DianeLovesYouxD
That’s a hard/good question. Mine is probably ‘Stitches’ as I feel it’s a really fun song to drum to and it’s one of my favourite songs we’ve written. I also love playing ‘Weight of the World’ because the crowd always help make that special!

8. Besides the gigs what are you looking forward to doing while in Ireland?
Asked by @IrishYoungGuns
One thing we try and do when we play abroad is see the cities. Irelands a beautiful place and we can’t wait to over again and see some sights. As tourist as it is I can’t wait to sit in a pub with a Guinness and listen to live music. Ireland does that best!!

9. What is the best crowd you have ever played to live?
Asked by @DianeLovesYouxD

Last year LostProphets were kind enough to take us out on a few shows and it was by far the biggest shows we had ever done. Our first show was in Wolverhampton and the crowd were incredible. We were blown away. Also I think the first date on the Kerrang! Tour in Dublin was a massive highlight. We had only played Dublin once before and the reaction was amazing!.

10. My friend Diane is putting posters for your gig up around Dublin for me. She would love it if Gustav tweeted at her on twitter, her usernames @DianeLovesYouxD. Could you please give her a thank you tweet or something?

I will make sure he does that for you!!
Asked by @KingdomKatie

11. How did the band get started?
Asked by @DianeLovesYouxD

We’ve been playing in various bands for years together and it was only up until a couple of years ago when we settled on a line up and knew this was going to be the band that would do something. We played hundreds of shows to 5 people and gradually people started turning up. A slow process but worth it!

12. Do you all get along within the band?
Asked by @DianeLovesYouxD
We’re all best friend’s yea. I live with Simon and Gustav, and John and Fraser are brothers so we’re all very close. Obviously we sometimes argue as we’re only human but we do get on great. You need to be able to get on with your bands mates as you spend every waking day together, it would be very hard if there were any problems within the band.

13. What’s your favourite video game of all time?
Asked by @KingdomKatie

Mine has to be the Fifa football games. I’m a massive football fan and have always loved them. Plus it’s the only game I’m any good at!

14. What is your inspiration for writing songs?
Asked by @DianeLovesYouxD

Musically we just write the best songs we can, we don’t try and follow any trends/styles etc. We just write the songs we love and want to write. In a lyrical sense Gustav writes about things that mean a lot to him. I feel his lyrics come across very honest and you know he means what he writes.

15. What is your favourite thing about being in a band?
Asked by @RachelWhy
Being able to do what I’ve dreamt about as a child. I think the feeling of playing shows with people singing along to your songs has to be the best feeling. It’s something you would never get bored of. Just being able to do it for a living is good enough, I’m honoured everyday.

16. Are there any lyrics or songs that have had a huge impact on you guys?
Asked by @TeamSeannieS

There’s not a million bands that write great songs as well as great lyrics. Bands such a ‘Thrice’ write incredible songs and Dustins lyrics are incredible. We try not to take too much impact from bands as we want to keep our music original.

Posted by Irish Young Guns

credit : Irish Young Guns

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